Monday, January 30, 2012

Slam dunk

After trying soccer (didn't like), martial arts (liked okay), and football (loved), Ethie wanted to try basketball.  I just like him doing anything to get out all that energy!  Plus James is a basketball guy, so he's been more than willing to give Ethie some pointers.  E has a game every Saturday morning, so it's become a fun little activity for us to go cheer him on together :)  Ethie runs around, blocks, shoots, and has lots of fun!!
Such a cutie!!!

Lots of running
Get those rebounds!
So cute
Grandpa and Jeanette came to cheer him on last Saturday, complete with signs!  He loved it!!

So awesome

Then we got to go play in the gym, which the kiddos also love.  It was fun to have Grandpa and Jeanette to play with also!
Lil loved jumping

Ethie loves loves the foam pit!

So serious!


She wasn't sure about the sinking feeling

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Merry Christmas (Part 3)

Yes, I know, Christmas is way over.  But ours was very drawn-out this year since Ethie was gone to Ohio.  When he got back, he had more presents waiting for him and we got to keep celebrating! 

Cutest book from Great-Grandma Ruth!

Most original gift from Mar and Dave!

Then we went over to Dad and Jeanette's for one last spoil-fest :)  The kids were in heaven, of course!

Star Wars book!

Even Lilah got a book!

And lots of gear for his new bike!