Friday, June 29, 2012

Girl time

We miss Ethie so much around here!  And James too, as he is so busy getting ready to graduate and find a job!  Lilah and I were getting a little bored without Ethie to entertain us, but we've had some good bonding time, just she and I!  I am actually loving this time with her and we've done a lot of fun things so far!

We took a girls weekend trip to beautiful Helen, GA with my bff Amber and her cute girls.  We ate yummy food, shopped a bit, swam in the lake, and visited the Cabbage Patch Hospital.  So fun!
There were lots of hiking trails around the lodge where we stayed.  It was so serene and gorgeous! 

 Lilah didn't last long in the backpack before she wanted to get out and walk around :)

Amber and her girls, love them!
Lilah and Meracohl were so cute together

Then the next week, we went to stay in Marietta with Ashley and her little girl, Ariya, and had more fun girl time!  We watched movies, talked, shopped, went to a puppet show, visited other friends, and swam!
We hiked up Kennesaw Mountain!  It was only a mile, but straight up in the heat, pushing a stroller and letting Lilah walk, it took a while :)

And last weekend, my friend Judy, who's been my friend since junior high, came to visit Atlanta!  We met at Centennial Olympic Park for a family fun day and it was so hot, but so fun to see Judy and her boys!!!

Judy and her cute boys.  Wish Ethie could have been there!
Love her!

Thankful for my little girl to keep me company!

Daddy love

I missed posting on Father's Day, but we are so thankful for the father of our little family.  He works so hard, sacrifices so much, and gives so much love.  I feel so blessed all the time that my kids have such a good example for a dad and such a loving, involved father.  We couldn't ask for more!  Love you, James!!!

  We are also thankful for both of our fathers, who have guided and loved us and now are wonderful grandpas!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

See you soon, Ethie!

Ethie goes up to Ohio during the summer to stay with his dad and family up there.  I know he has a great time and they enjoy having him, but it's hard to send him away.  It was especially difficult to have him leave now because we had such a rough year and were really enjoying the summer together.  I didn't have to worry about him getting suspended or doing his work, and I loved the few weeks I had to spend time playing with Ethie and Lilah.  

They have gotten to be so close and it seriously just melts my heart.  They fight like normal siblings (I have to remind myself it's normal), but the older Lilah gets, the more they enjoy playing together.  Ethie has started carrying her around and loves to hold her hand wherever we go or walk and she loves it too!  She says, "hand, hand" when we get in the car so he will hold her hand.  I love watching them become friends!!!
Lilah has to "help" Ethie walk Lucy :)
Ethie fell asleep on the floor like this, so Lilah laid down next to him!

On our way to the waterpark!
    Lilah and I took Ethie to the airport on June 6 and he will get back sometime in July.  We miss him!!!  Lilah still asks, "Where E-E go?" every time we get in the car.  Hope you're having a great time, Ethie!  Can't wait til you get back!!!

We are animals!

I had been wanting to take the kiddos to the zoo.  We last went when E was 2 and since they both love animals, I knew they would love it!  I was right. :)  A sweet friend got us in for free with her pass, and it was fun to hang out with her cutie pie kids.  Such a fun day!
Lilah was more excited than she looks!
The giraffes were my favorite 
Scary guys!

Cute little train
They loved the carousel!

I think Lilah's face pretty much sums it up!!! :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

It's summer!

Before Ethie left for Ohio, we wanted to take a family trip.  James voted for camping and I voted for the beach, so we combined them!  It was so much fun!!!  We decided on Grayton Beach, which looked beautiful, but quiet and rustic and not too touristy.  It was perfect!  We camped in the state park and James built beautiful fires and we slept in a tent all together.  It was such fun family time and just what we needed.

There were trails to the sand dunes right next to the beach, so we took a little hike.

Oh, I love these two and they love each other!

And then we went to the beach!  It was a beautiful beach and perfect weather and not crowded at all.  Ethie got excited and ran right into the water.  I think he got a little too deep and panicked, so James had to swim out to get him.  He was pretty cautious after that, but slowly got back into the water and loved it.  Lilah loved filling her bucket with sand over and over.  It was so nice and relaxing!!

Then we came back and made dinner on the fire and roasted marshmallows.  The kids were in heaven!

Such a nice time!!!