Friday, November 25, 2011


We tried to divide the week pretty evenly between spending time at Mom's and with Dad and Jeanette.  Sometimes it's a challenge to make it work, but spending time together is what it's about and we got lots of that.  The first thing on Ethie's agenda (besides the gingerbread house) was Dad and Jeanette's new hot tub!  He thought he was in heaven, even though he found out he couldn't swim very well in it.  Dad took him in it and taught him all about rest and relaxation.

We also went bowling and ate out at a real southern BBQ place (and had fun hanging out afterwards)!

And we got pictures taken together at Dad and Jeanette's house!  They had the wonderful idea to have pictures taken of us while we were all together and I'm so glad they did.  I wish I could post them on here cause they turned out great!  Here are some of us hanging out at their new home all dressed up after pictures...
Scotty did a lot of this... love it!
Cute, cute Mar

She was loving the game of putting shoes on people's ears
 We also went over to Dad and Jeanette's for dessert on Thanksgiving and I wish I had pictures of the lovely dessert they made!  I ate so much because it was so delicious (coconut flan, pumpkin bread pudding, chocolate roasted pecans mmmm...).  We were also able to do a lot of talking and working through things together during the week, which I think we all needed.  Thank goodness for family and love! 

Auntie Mar and Oooncle Dave

I don't know why it's taken me so long to document our Thanksgiving week, but I really want to because it was so nice!  The best thing about it was that my sister, Marianne, and her husband, Dave, drove down from Nebraska to spend the whole week with us.  It was so good to have them here!  They are both so easy and fun to be around and the kids love them (well, especially Ethie :)

Yummy apple cobbler on Sunday night.
We got to meet up with Dave's parents and aunt and uncle in Newnan for lunch!

We went to visit the store where Nate works one day and Mar bought a gingerbread house to make with Ethie.  Everyone helped and he loved it!

Yes, I think this was his favorite part

And right before they left, Ethie made sure Dave got to "sword-fight" with him.  What a good uncle!

Thanks for coming, guys!  We love you and miss you!!!


Thanksgiving day was everything it should be... lots of food, lots of family time, and lots of rest and relaxation.  Mom had the fabulous idea to eat pie for breakfast!  Since we weren't stuffed from dinner yet, they tasted even more delish than usual.

I think she liked it :)

After "breakfast," we headed out to the Turkey Bowl.  Some of us participated (apparently Scotty is a wicked good ultimate frisbee-er) and some of us just enjoyed the pretty day and being together!

And then home for the FEAST!  Mom made her traditional scrumptious food and we added some yummy cornbread stuffing from Mar.  Here we are happily anticipating dinner (most pics courtesy of Scotty)...

Mar discovered that the secret to winning Lilah's heart is food

And some post-feast pictures...

 Haha, I think we were all STUFFED!  Luckily, we had a few hours til we went over to Dad and Jeanette's for their yummy desserts.  I guess we were too busy eating and talking there to take pictures, but it was very nice.  

I'm so thankful we got such a full week to spend with Mar and Dave.  I love my family!