Wednesday, January 16, 2013

After Christmas

It was so nice that we still had some time at Mar and Dave's after Christmas.  We all loved being there!

We had some fun bowling with Mom before she left to go back home...   Sad to see her go, but it was so nice to be with her!!!
Happy to be together at the airport!

Scotty is a bowler.

Yes, Scotty pretty much dominated!

And then Dad and Jeanette arrived!  We had about 4 days to spend with them and it was so nice!  We started with presents, of course...

Matching slippers

Love this picture!

This is the face of happiness!!

LOVE these two


We went to the cute Lincoln Children's Museum and ALL had a good time...

DIY face-painting

So funny to watch all the guys get REALLY into this water contraption.  They were drenched and hysterical.


And plenty of time hanging out and eating delicious food... Thankful for family and chances to be together!!!
Love Aunt Mar-Mar!

Cute stripeys

Mmmmm... polenta vegetable pizza

At Mar's office.  She is so fancy!

An announcement!

I almost forgot!  We had the kiddos make a special announcement on Christmas day...

We are expecting a new little baby in July 2013!!!  The kids are very excited, I am finally feeling a little better, and we are all so happy about welcoming a new little one into our family! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We bought a zoo!

Actually, we bought a house!!!  But I'm sure we will make it a zoo :)

We got a short-term lease when we moved here, knowing we would want to get a house soon.  We will probably be in Broken Arrow for several years and we are ready to be settled!  We've been looking around with a great real estate agent and when she found us this foreclosure, we knew it was perfect for us!  We actually had to make a quick offer, since there were already 3 offers in.  We still ended up getting an amazing deal on a beautiful house, so we feel very blessed and thankful!!!

We're going to take a couple weeks to paint and pack, and then we will move in!  Can't wait!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

And... Christmas! 2012

Kids make holidays so much fun and waking up on Christmas morning was no exception!  Actually, we had to wake Lilah up, but as soon as she saw her stocking, she was into it :)

And then the madness began... all 4 hours of present-opening madness!

And then the real madness began!

Such a great Christmas!