Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First days of summer

It is finally summer-time!!!  I guess it's been an unusually cool spring here in OK, which is fine with me, since I know it will be hot for long enough!

We started the summer at the Broken Arrow Rooster Days parade and fair.  Not sure what Rooster Days actually is, but the kids had lots of fun!
Waiting for the parade...

Love these kids!

Too loud!

They passed out Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches :)

Some random sculpture

The next weekend we went to Mayfest in Tulsa!  It was fun to finally see around downtown Tulsa and there was lots for the kids to do!
Ethie bought a wooden broken arrow at a craft stand

Coloring her doggy

The local hospital had a check-up zone for her baby monkey!  So cute!!!

It was a hot day and they were very happy to get soaking wet!

Haha, face

Gangham style, always

Now that Ethie's out of school, we get to try out all the fun things around here!  They just opened a new children's museum in Tulsa, so we tried that out first!  It was all eco-friendly-themed and the kids loved it!

He made a slingshot out of recycled supplies

Creating something else

Bed of nails!

Not so sure, but she did it!

This was the coolest.  Ethan made a robot that drew when it walked!

Yay, fun!

Happy mama

I love Mother's Day!  I feel so loved!  And I hope our mamas and grandmas did also!!!

James and the kids spoiled me with breakfast,
This is not what we ate.  We did science experiments while James made the yummy food!

gifts (a beautiful bracelet, CD and chocolate),
I love their sweet faces!

James' delicious Costa Rican food for dinner (I, sadly, did not get a picture), a walk and pictures at the park,

and homemade chocolate kabobs (possibly my favorite part of the day :)

I love my little family so much and I'm so thankful for them!!!

And I can't wait to meet my newest little love in a couple months!
32 weeks!