Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin patchin (part 2)

This weekend, I had a groupon for Livesay's Orchards and James was able to come with us!  There were lots of pumpkin games for the kids, a hay maze, a bug lady, homemade fried pies, and a hayride to pick a pumpkin out of a pumpkin patch. Perfect family day!

Pumpkin bowling

I think this was Ethie's favorite part of the day

Worn out!

Pumpkin patchin

I love this time of year!  There is so much to do and the weather is beautiful and the holidays are coming and it feels nice.  I think fall is my favorite.

I took the kids to Pumpkintown last week while James was working on his thesis and they were so cute together!  I love it when they get along and love each other.

Lilah's first pony ride!  She wasn't sure at first, but once they started moving, she kept saying, "Ohhh, cute pony.  Good boy!"
Still a little unsure, but so brave!

Seriously, could I be any more blessed?

Tulsa zoo

Ethie was out of school last week for fall break.  James had to work, but it gave us a good chance to try out some fun things around here.  So Friday we went to the Tulsa Zoo!  It's only about 20 minutes from our house and pretty cheap, but it was so fun!  Maybe I was just happy to be with my kids in the gorgeous fall weather, but it was the perfect day.
I love these 2!

She loves to give kisses!

Baby tiger cubs on the right

So close!  This was the kids' favorite part, I think.

We got a zoo pass, so we will take anyone who wants to come visit us! :)

What's going on

Well, we're slowly getting used to Broken Arrow.  James likes his job a lot (correct me if I'm wrong, honey!) and he's getting lots of good opportunities there.  I lovelovelove having him home every night for dinner and on the weekends, even though he's still working on his thesis when he gets a chance.  We just love having him around more!!!

I'm not terribly motivated to decorate our little townhouse, since we just have a six month lease, but we really like where we live.  There's lots of room for us and an open floor plan and a nice quiet friendly neighborhood, so we're happy here!

I also started babysitting a 19-month-old little girl a few days a week.  I applied online and I feel so thankful to have found such a sweet little girl and wonderful family to work for!  Lilah is in heaven, having a little friend to play with and going to her house with new toys and doggies.  It gives us something to do and keeps me from getting too restless and lonely right now.
Aren't they the cutest little girls?  I just love them!

Dancing is our favorite past-time :)

Ethie has a really sweet teacher and is getting lots of support at school, so we are also very thankful for that!  He loves the friends on our street and playing flag football.  More pictures of that to come!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The potty

I have decided that potty-training is not fun.  For the parent or the child.  I vaguely remember potty-training Ethie as a not-so-pleasant experience, but I had heard that girls were easier and Lilah is a little easier-going than Ethie is.  Plus, she had been going on the potty for a while now, just not consistently, and seemed interested and ready, so I figured it was time.  We got all the cute princess undies, I read a bunch of books and blogs about it, bought some drinks and treats, and we were ready!  

The main book I read was called Toilet Training in a Day.  Another e-book was Potty-training in 3 Days.  So I set aside all of last week, and we are still working on it.  It was actually pretty fun to stay home with little Lilah all day, with nothing to do but read books, play babies, and run to the potty every 15 minutes.  Oh, and clean up accidents and do lots of laundry.  She was so cute though, sitting on her potty and getting very excited when something would happen and she got chocolate chips!  She also liked helping her babies go potty, of course, and changing undies and clothes when she had an accident.  Great!
Hanging out in her undies

She loves this United States puzzle from Grandma Sandy

Feeding her baby chocolate chips
 She still won't tell me most of the time when she needs to go, but she can hold it pretty well until I take her.  I'm actually kind of sad that she is outgrowing baby things, but she has to do it eventually.  And she loves being a big girl!