Monday, March 28, 2011

Amos 3:7

Yesterday Ethie gave his first talk in primary!  It was supposed to be about how prophets speak for God and since two of Ethan's favorite prophets are Noah and Jonah, he wanted to talk about them.  So James helped him write a talk that he could read all by himself!  He can read most common words these days, and James drew pictures to help him remember the bigger words. 

Of course, he wasn't shy about gtting up there and he was pretty excited.  He did such a good job!!!

It was kind of a cold, drizzly weekend, but we still had fun getting outside a little bit after church.  The favorite game is for James and Lilah to chase Ethie.  They both love it! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

3 apples up on top

Yesterday Ethie went to a Dr. Seuss party at Marietta Martial Arts where he takes karate.  The kids were supposed to dress up like their favorite character, so we got out all his Dr. Seuss books and he picked his favorite!  He really loves the book Ten Apples Up on Top so he decided to dress like the dog in the book.  We could only make three apples actually stay up on top, but you get the idea... :)

Also, check out the cool missing front tooth!!! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Sunday

I just love Sundays.  It's awesome that there's a day that's all about doing good things and hanging out together.  Yesterday was a little crazy cause I had to go early to church to accompany the choir and we stayed after church so I could play the piano at a baptism (which was in Portuguese, ha)!  I like playing the piano, so I'm glad people ask me.  But it means James gets kid duty, which he's awesome at!!!  He got both kids dressed and fed and to church and even packed a lunch to eat before the baptism.  We are so lucky to have him :)   

And then we got to go to Carrollton for dinner!  I love Mom's yummy homecooked meals on Sunday and just relaxing, playing games, talking, not having to cook or do anything, etc.  Plus Aunt Nettie and Uncle Jeff were visiting, so it was fun to see them!  Nettie sereneded us on the piano, Mom cuddled with Lilah-girl, we played guesstures at Ethie's request, ate a little fondue, and Ethie and Uncle Jeff bonded over Ipad games, so thanks to Jeff for keeping Ethie busy much of the day :)  Yay for Sunday!


A real family now

Yes, that's how we feel after making our first major purchase together and buying a car we can all fit in (comfortably)!  The trusty Civic coupe, which has gotten me 60,000 miles in the last two years between Carrollton and Atlanta and everywhere else, bit the dust last week.  It needed several repairs, so we decided it was time for an upgrade.  We test-drove a few and fell in love with this 2008 Toyota Matrix.
  James especially likes the extra headroom and stick shift, I like the extra room everywhere and the pretty blue, Ethie likes that he has his own window and door now, and Lilah doesn't care.  It also gets good gas mileage and will be a great family car for us! 

Family ho nu nee nee fondue

Yes, Ethan still calls it that (instead of "Family Home Evening").  He even corrected James the other day on the proper pronunciation.  Anyway, we did a little chocolate fondue for treat last week, which is one of our favorite things to do, as you can tell from the kids' faces! (Right before bathtime)
Fon-due or fon-due-not.  There is no fon-try.  (As Scotty would say :)

Dim sum good

Whew!  It's been a crazy week!  So I'm gonna play catch-up a little bit.

Last Sunday, Dad, Jeanette, and Scotty came up our way and we joined them for some dim sum at the Oriental Pearl.  It was fun and delicious!  Ethie liked looking at the dragons all over the restaurant and playing "try to make me smile" with Scotty, Lilah enjoyed trying new foods (the custard filling was her favorite), James expanded his culinary horizons with some glazed duck, and I especially liked the nice companyWe like us some dim sum!

We went back to the house to play a little Just Dance for kids (Ethie has moves!), celebrate Jeanette's birthday, and hang out with Lilah on the floor.  Thank you for the visit!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Project #2

For Christmas, I bought Lilah a binky blankey.  It's basically a piece of cloth that attaches to her binky so she can hold onto it and also so we can find the darn binky.  I have a love/hate relationship with that thing.  Anyway, I didn't like the binky always clipped on her clothes, so I thought this was a great idea.  And she liked it too! 

Then I started figuring out how to sew and I couldn't believe I paid ten bucks for a little square thing.  I could do that!  It took me a little practice, but I added some taggies to it and super soft cuddly fabric on the back and Lilah likes it!!  I made a couple boy ones for a friend's baby shower also.  Yay for saving money and having fun!

I think I could get totally addicted to sewing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A day

Yesterday was one of those days I like to pretend don't happen, but they do.  So I'm documenting it.

I took Lilah girl to get her 6-month pictures taken (a little late, I know) and she would not smile!  The little cutie just stared at the guy like he was nuts.  Fortunately, I love her not-smiling face too, so the pictures were still pretty good.  But really, she smiles all the time!  And of course, she was all smiles on the way out.

Ethie had a rough day at school which continued to home.  He struggles with his temper when things don't go his way.  He gets really upset (throwing things, kicking, screaming) and then just a few minutes later (in time-out), he says, "I shouldn't act that way," and apologizes.  He has such a sweetness to him and he knows what he needs to do.  I just wish I could help him find a way to express his anger without rage.  I've had my own struggles to control my temper and deal with anger, so I tell him, "I understand you're really angry.  That makes you really upset."  We punch pillows or "disagree appropriately" or take time-outs to cool off.  I want him to know that it's okay to feel things, but not okay to hurt people or stuff.  I know that his strong will is not going away, and it's my job to learn how to be the mother he needs.  It's apparent to me that my level of calm or anger is a huge factor in how Ethie manages his own.  He has helped me find ways to control my own feelings because I know how much he needs me to be a good example.  I feel such a huge responsibility to help him, but sometimes I just don't know how.

Lilah has brought a spirit of calm to our house.  Ethie is very gentle and affectionate with her and he just loves her!  But yesterday, for some reason, he decided it was more fun to tease her.  Every time I set Lilah down to do something, she'd be playing fine and then he'd do something to make her cry!  He took her toys, jumped up and scared her, stuck stickers all over her (she didn't really mind this part so it was a little funny),

just to see what she would do.  This is normal brother behavior, right?  But it was driving me crazy!  And she just acted so hurt!!  I kept explaining to him that he's her older brother, she loves and admires him, he is teaching her by his example, he needs to help and protect her, etc., etc.  Usually he takes his role as older brother very seriously, so I'm not too worried. 

And they were back to being happy siblings by bedtime.  This video is my favorite and further proof that it's all worth it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sew fun

I figured it was time for me to learn how to sew.  With a little girl around, there are just too many cute things to make!  And happily,  sweet Mom loaned me her nice sewing machine to learn on.  I'm learning as I go, but it's relaxing and I like having something when I'm done! 

My first project was a car seat cover.  Sometimes Lilah falls asleep in her seat and I wanted something to cover her so she wouldn't wake up (this happens often at karate).  It took me all day to make, trying to figure out the sewing machine and playing with the little miss.  It's not perfect, but it works!

And a flower for the little pumpkin to wear to church today.  Not that she needs help being cute!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Empty Bowls pictures

I managed to snag those pictures of last weekend from Dad.  Actually, he gave them to me freely :)  Thank you, Dad!
The Empty Bowls benefit was really amazing.  I loved that so many people came together to benefit the soup kitchen.  What a good way to spend a Sunday!

Friday, March 4, 2011

New skillz

It's been over a week since I posted.  I know, I can't believe it either.  Here are some pictures for fun :)
Anyway, we had a fun time last weekend in Carrollton and got to spend lots of time with family!  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera since I had loaned it to a friend, so no pictures.  I might put some on here later though, if I can snag some from Dad. 

We got to visit Dad and Jeanette and see Uncle Pete!  It was so wonderful to spend some time with him; what a sweet, kind man!  We also got to see Dad and Jeanette perform some folk songs at an wonderful Empty Bowls benefit for the soup kitchen and went home with some beautiful handmade ceramic bowls.  Lilah was in a happy mood and she and Ethie enjoyed the music and soup (which she dumped all over Daddy's lap--oops)!

Saturday, Mom watched Ethie and Lilah all day while we went to the temple with friends.  That was the longest we've left Lilah and I'm glad I don't have to leave her often.  It's hard to be away from that little sweetie-pie!  Mom said Lilah was fine as long as she was holding her, which is usually the case.  It gave them some good bonding time and I didn't worry about her, so thank you, Mom! 

And lastly, since Lilah's 6-month mark, she has developed some new tricks!  She's much better at sitting now, with only the occasional tip-over.  She loves being able to be upright to play with her toys.  She's started saying "mamamamama," which of course makes me immensely happy, even though I don't think she knows what she's saying.  And she can move!!!  Lilah is especially happy about this last one, since she can get to things she wants.  Thus begins the baby-proofing...

   Ethie is always so cute with her, giving her toys and making her smile.  It's so fun to watch them interact and I just love how much they love each other.  She really adores him and he loves being the big brother!  Cuties!