Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I have a nephew!

I am over the moon in love with this little baby.  

Marianne and Dave welcomed their perfect little baby boy, Arlo Leo Nall, into this world on October 15.  He came with big deep eyes, curly light hair, and a sweet sweet soul.  What a gift this baby is.

Marianne had invited me to be at Arlo's birth and I had been been praying that things would work out for me to be there.  I wanted to support Mar and be an advocate for her peaceful birth, and also because I just think birth is a beautiful miracle.

Marianne let me know she was having contractions Wednesday night and I hopped in the car.  I found babysitters for my kids the next day and it all worked out.  I got to the hospital about 1 am and Marianne and Dave were peacefully and wonderfully managing her contractions.  I was overcome with love and admiration for my strong sister.

Mar continued to manage her labor without any pain medications and it was difficult to be on the other side (not the one giving birth) and not able to take her pain away.  But she kept going, so bravely, and Arlo was born about 8 am.  They were able to announce that he is a boy (!) and I took as many pictures as I could.  

Arlo's entire birth was a spiritual, intensely precious time that I will always feel immensely blessed to have witnessed.  He has brought such peace and love and joy to our whole family, after feeling the most loss and sadness as we said goodbye to our dear mother.  I look at Arlo and my heart overflows with gratitude that love heals and life continues to bloom and make way for new hope and relationships.  And he helps me feel close to my mama because she is a part of him, and my own sweet kids.  I'm so happy to be Arlo's aunt and I can't wait to snuggle him again!