Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big trip!

I am so behind with this blog!  I guess having a busy, fun summer will do that to you.  And now we are homeschooling, so I have no time for anything, but that's another story...

We made a kind of last minute decision to join James' family for a reunion in Idaho this summer and I'm so glad we did!  It was so nice to get away together and see lots of family and be in beautiful surroundings.  It was perfect!

We joined the big Papenfuss (James' grandmother's side) reunion in Ashton, Idaho where we stayed in A-frames for a couple of nights.  It was so fun to meet lots of James' extended family (like 120 of them!) and play games, eat, and enjoy being outside together all day!
James' family, minus Pam (sister) and family and Jeannette (sister)

Having fun with Daddy!

A whole day of fun games planned for the Papenfuss olympics!  Go James :)

Ethie and I playing water balloon volleyball
After the Papenfuss reunion was over, we headed to Grand Teton National Park with James' parents, Jeff (brother) and Brandi and kids, Pam (sister) and Jeff and kids, and Jeannette (sister).  We camped there in tents for 3 nights and it was so much fun!
I just couldn't believe how amazingly beautiful it was there!  We were out in the middle of the mountains, with lakes and wildlife and nature all around us.  The first day we spent a few hours just sitting by the (cold) lake and I was in heaven!
Trying out the cold water!
Of course, Ethie didn't mind :)

I just love the way she looks at her daddy!

Ethie was sad about having to leave, but still a pretty background :)
 The next day, we drove into Yellowstone and got to see Old Faithful.  It was awesome (or "awfum," as Lilah would say :) 
The cute cousins waiting for the excitement

Then we spent all day walking around other geysers and hot pots.  It was pretty smelly and gross, but unique :)
Cute cousins

Zombie kids

Yes, we had been camping for 5 days!

Grandpa Jon was nice enough to share his binoculars

My favorite part of Yellowstone was the hike down through the woods to the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone" with a huge waterfall.  I think I prefer beauty in nature over uniqueness :)

Lilah insisted on walking up and down all 300+ steps by herself.

I also loved seeing the beautiful wildlife all around us.  We saw a family of deer right next to our tent.  We saw an osprey catch a fish.  We saw a huge herd of elk in a field.  We saw a bunch of bison in a field and one walked right past our car.  So amazing to see!

Grandma Sandy and Lilah looking at a deer!
The best part of the trip was being with family!  I'm so thankful I married into such a wonderful family who does so many fun things together!

Such a fun time!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

How can Ethie be 7???

Ethie was in Ohio for several weeks this summer, but he flew back on the 24th.  So happy to see him!!!  His 7th birthday was on the 22nd, so we celebrated with him when he got home.  He helped me make a chocolate cake with sprinkles and then we opened presents.  He was a happy boy!

Then we took Ethie and his buddy, Ethan, to Legoland in Atlanta!  It was boy heaven:)

Haha, James looks tired.  I know he had fun though!

3 years!

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary on July 18th!  We decided to recreate one of our favorite dates from pre-marriage days.  We played tennis and ate ice cream.  It doesn't matter what we do, we have fun :)  I'm so glad we got married and I can't wait for more anniversaries!!!
I made James a candy bouquet and card and he gave me my 3 favorite things for 3 days (fav candies, fav food, and fav book, movie, and music... super sweet!)