Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blackberry pickin

Yesterday we finally went to pick blackberries!  They were a little picked through because the season is almost over, but we still managed to get a couple of gallons of yummy ones!  Can't wait to make some blackberry jam and shakes and pie!!!
Our cute little picker.  She got all the low ones :)

She was so selective!

4th of July!

I was SO happy when James told me he didn't have to work on the 4th of July!  I just assumed he did, since he never gets a day off.  It was such a treat to have him with us all day!  

We woke up early and got our spots at the cute little Carrollton parade.  Some of our best friends joined us and we had such a nice time!

Good curb seats to get lots of treats :)

I love that little face!

After the parade, we relaxed, made some yummy desserts (strawberries dipped in white chocolate and blue sugar and James' red, white, and blue trifle--yummy!) and ate burgers on the back deck.  Then we went to our new bishop's house for a party with lots of dessert, playing, talking, and fireworks over the lake!!!  It was so fun, even though Lilah started crying during the first firework and didn't stop til it was over 40 minutes later.  Poor girl!  And we really missed our Ethie-man!  

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!