Monday, June 27, 2011

What rain?

So last night we were all ready to go have a lovely picnic in the park listening to the Georgia Symphony Orchestra, and then watch some fireworks. 

However, it rained. 

So my most wonderful husband promtly set up a blanket in the living room, turned stereomood (thanks for the recommendation, Mar!) to a "chill" playlist, and we had a living room picnic!
And we danced.  I love Lilah's dancing so much!

Crazy fruit

James introduced me to the Cobb International Farmers Market in Smyrna.  We had great fun walking around and looking at everything.  They have tons of fruits and veggies that I've never heard of and their meat section is ridiculous (and by that I mean gross).  Plus James had fun reminiscing about the Costa Rican food and drinks that he found there.  

Mom and Scotty came to hang out last week so I took them and we had so much fun we had to take pictures.  Yay crazy fruit!
This one is obviously for Nate.  We will take you to get one when you get home! :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

She stands! And the girl likes her shoes.

Our little Lilah-babe was 10 months old on the 22nd.  Her new trick is standing!  She will stand up on her own, but plops down after a couple of seconds.  She looks so big!

Also, she is obsessed with shoes.  She will carry hers around in each hand all day and if I leave mine around, she will go for those.  They usually end up in her mouth, so I have to be careful.  Actually, I get worried about her hoarding because she always has a few random things in each hand (spoons, socks, bows, lotion, etc).  So funny and so cute!

Oh, and she loves bubbles.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day love!

So let me just take the opportunity to say that James is the best Daddy ever!  He is so good with our kids, in all ways.  He is good at playing with them, teaching them, helping them, disciplining them, loving them, and being available to them whenever he can.  I feel very blessed that he is the father in our home and I love him for all he does!

I couldn't top the Indian food dinner he made for Mother's Day, but he loves fajitas, so I made him some.  I hate cooking beef, so I hope he felt the love.  Plus homemade horchata and cheesecake for dessert.  He is easy to please :)
Before he left for Ohio, Ethie helped me pick out a card and make a t-shirt for James.  Lilah loved helping him open it!

Happy Father's Day, James, and to our Dads as well!  We love you!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Somewhere in the middle of America

Well, it wasn't Omaha, but it was Lincoln and it was fun!  Since Ethie is still in Ohio and James is still working furiously on his dissertation, Lilah and I took a little summer getaway to visit Marianne and Dave in Lincoln, NE! 

Lilah got lots of attention on the airplane and was a great little traveler, sleeping on both flights out there!

 We spent the week having (3) picnics in the park with music,


Mocking my baby?  No way :)

 thrift shopping, grilling out, meeting friends, walking around the  Farmers' Market,
  eating lots of delicious (vegetarian, yum) food, visiting the lovely Sunken Gardens,
Why do our arms looks so wierd?  Like sisters...

Stop making that duckface
Sweetest Auntie ever!

and hanging out, talking, and cooking in their beautiful (newly-remodeled) home!
Mar and Dave were so nice, especially cause they are both so busy, and it was the perfect week (even though I missed my boys)!  Thanks for letting us visit!!!

More duckface

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First hike

For Memorial Day, we hiked up Stone Mountain with our friends, Ashley and Brandon, and had a picnic at the top.  James wore Lilah in the awesome backback my dad got her and it was her first time to hike with us!  We went to Stone Mountain a bunch when we were dating, so it was fun to take her up! 

(Oh, and poor girl fell on her nose, so that's what the scab is about!)

She even fell asleep for a second on the way down.  It was a beautiful night!

She claps!

Our happy little baby just learned how to clap and wave and she loves to do it!  Oh, and she also loves to eat!

Lilah and my mama

My mom and Scotty came to see us for her birthday and we went out and celebrated her!  Happy year, mama!  

Lilah is so clingy to Mommy and Daddy these days, but I think she's starting to warm up to other people who love her too.  I love these pictures!