Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Goodbye to dear Dylan, our sweet family dog.

I remember Dylan looking like this 15 years ago, running around the backyard in Auburn.  He was always a sweet, playful, eager, happy, patient doggy and a perfect companion for our family.  He has been especially dear to my dad, who loved him fiercely and tenderly.  Dylan left this life today in his favorite backyard spot, surrounded by my dad and Jeanette, eating a chocolate brownie, and I'm sure feeling supremely content and loved.  Thank you for being a dear doggy, sweet Dilly.


I was happy for all the egg hunts and bunny stuff to be over so we could actually have Easter Sunday!  James was saying that the hunts aren't even hunts any more and the kids just want as much candy as possible.  Lilah screamed, "No, no, no!" when she saw the Easter bunny at the store anyway and refused to go near it.  Hahaha!  

Unfortunately, the talks at church were not even about Easter (why not?) but since we're in nursery, James taught the little ones about the resurrection.  They were very happy to move the little paper rock away from the tomb and see Jesus come out, alive!  Then we sang, "Joy fills our hearts, He lives again" while they covered their little hearts with their hands.  I love being in there.  

Ethie told us the story of Easter at the dinner table and how Jesus came out of the "tube" and was risen. :) He told lots of detail to the story, so I was thankful to his primary teachers for teaching him well!  

We hid the kids' Easter baskets from us (not the Easter bunny) so they had fun finding them and then we took some pictures because it is so lovely outside!

Showing her how it's done :)

I believe he was so excited about the basketball hoop that he fainted :)

Helping her new bunny play the piano

I love these two!!!

In her pretty new Easter dress Jeanette gave her!

Bonding with Grandpa at the park

Color Run

I've been wanting to do a 5K for a while, so when I saw the Color Run was coming to Atlanta, I signed right up!  And I convinced my friend Amber to do it with me and then she got her son and cousin and brother to do it with us.  And it was seriously so much fun!!!  The idea is that a different colored powder is thrown on you at every kilometer, so by the end you are covered.  Amber and I ended up just rolling on the ground in the powder so we could run past everyone else :)  And there was a giant throw at the end, so even Lilah and James ended up with color!
Before.  All clean.
At the Atlanta Motor Speedway.


So fun!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break!

I didn't really have any plans for Spring Break this year, but we ended up staying busy!  We babysat/housesat for some friends the first 2 days, so Ethie had a blast jumping on their tramp and playing with the kids.  Lilah loved the doggy and the big backyard.  Someday we will have both!  Tuesday I took all the kids roller skating and after getting frustrated and wanting to give up, Ethie ended up loving it!  I was proud of him :)

Wednesday, my mom and the kids and I drove to Tupelo, Mississippi to see my dear friend, Sara Goddard Douglas, her boys, and her mama!  Sara and I have been best friends since we were 13 in Alabama.
That's Nate, haha!

Then we were roommates in College and I lived with her family during the summer and we were basically always together.  I love my Sara!!!

But now she lives in Utah with her family and I live in Georgia and we never see each other!  So she asked if I wanted to meet her in Mississippi during Spring Break and I said yes!  We met at a cute little animal farm and the kiddos had a blast.  Her boys are so cute and Ethie loved playing with them.  And Lilah loved the animals!!!

Mamas and the kiddos!   

E was so excited he got to feed the baby goat!

Mama friends!

Spring love

Or actually, how much I love spring!  The weather got beautiful early this year, so we've been loving spending time outside.
Ethie finally decided to try the big bike he got for Christmas and now he is always on it!

When we ask Lilah if she wants to go for a walk, she runs to get her baby and stroller.  And dress-up clothes.  :)

There have been lots of Easter egg hunts, which are fun excuses to be outside
Ethie and his best friend, Laylah, at the school Easter party

E and the big scary bunny that Lilah would not go near

Little girl wasn't sure what was going on

Feeding the ducks!

With Grandpa, who is less and less scary each time

Sweet boy

New finger puppets from Grandpa and Jeanette

I LOVE her face here!!!

Just swingin.  I love my family!