Saturday, October 22, 2011

14 months

I needed an excuse to put up some pictures of our Lilah girl, so I'm glad she is 14 months old today!  I can't believe how much she learns and changes every day and I just love her more and more and more!!!  Seriously, sometimes I still can't believe she's ours and I can't believe how much I love her!

Some updates 
  • She now says mama, dada, uh-oh, oh wow!, up, hi, nana (banana), more (which she also signs when she wants anything!)   
  • She has started saying "hi" to people in the store and then when they look at her, she buries her head and smiles.  It is so cute and she gets so much attention!
  • She loves loves loves anything soft... Lucy (the dog), the neighborhood cats (she will always pet animals and say "ohhhhhh"), baby dolls, stuffed animals (she usually has one or two in her hands at all times)

  • The girl loves accessories.  She wakes up every morning and puts her pink beads on and leaves them on all day.  I didn't teach her that either!  She is suddenly obsessed with socks and will bring hers or anyone else's to me so I can put them on her or myself.  She also loves to get the dish towel off the oven and wrap it around her neck or over her head and walk around like that.  She is so funny!
This is Nate's tshirt and sock that she found :)

Her favorite pink beads

  • She loves to eat!  And lately she insists on having the whole bag of something and protests heavily when I won't let her :)
She found a peach on the counter... her favorite!

  • She loves being outside!  She loves going for walks, rides in her car, drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, swinging, slides, throwing balls, playgrounds... if she's outside, she's happy!

  • She loves playing chase and it's really the only way I can get her to smile for pictures...

  • She loves books.  She will look through any book she finds, like she's reading it.  And she loves to sit on my lap while I read to her and use her finger to point to the pictures.
We feel so thankful that our little Lilah is in our family and she just gets more fun every day!

      Friday, October 21, 2011


      We got back from picking apples last Saturday and told Ethie that we were going to stay home and do chores and go to bed.

      So he was completely surprised when we took him outside at 6:30 and Grandpa and Jeanette were here to kidnap him!  They brought the combi (his favorite) and took him for the evening to get totally spoiled.  He loves attention and he was in heaven!  I'm glad they took lots of pictures, so we could see... :)

      At QT for a cookie before dinner!

      At Burger King (it's E's favorite because they have the best playground)

      Reading the Yummy/Yucky book they gave him

      He loves these kitties!

      Watching "Bedtime Stories", staying up late and eating popcorn

      And riding home in the back of the combi
       Pretty much the perfect evening for our Ethie-man.  Thank you guys for spoiling him!


      I love groupon.  Sometimes I am tempted to buy things I don't need, but sometimes the deals are just  so fun!

      For instance, a while ago, I saw a groupon for apple picking in north Georgia.  It included the apples, a petting zoo, apple cannons, and a hayride.  How could I pass that up?  I convinced Mom to get one too, so last Saturday we all piled in her van and drove up to beautiful north Georgia.  It is so gorgeous in the fall with all the beautiful leaves and apple farms.  We brought a picnic to eat there and then did the activites.  Unfortunately, the camera died after the petting zoo, but we got a few fun pictures!

      Lilah loves soft things, so this was perfect for her!

      And Ethie is an animal man.  He loves all of them!


      After that, we went to pick apples, but the only ones left were the highest ones in the trees.  So James came to the rescue!  He put Ethie on his shoulders and they tossed them down.  Ethie loved it and the apples were big and yummy.  Then we shot some rotten apples out of a cannon and rode a trailer full of hay around the orchard.  The best part was the $1.00 butternut squashes, apple pastries, and apple cider slushies.  

      I love fall and I love spending time with my family! 

      Wednesday, October 12, 2011

      And now it's fall!

      Ethie's school had a fall festival last week, so Nathan and me took the kiddos.  I was super glad Nate was there to help me because it was a little crazy, but Ethie loved it!  Nate said it was a kid's dream because there was so much to do and friends to see and yummy things to eat!
      Planting some pumpkin seeds 

      He got blue hair and a tattoo!

      Dance party

      Concentration face!

      Last days of summer

      The kids can't get enough of being outside, so we will push summer as long as we can!  Thank goodness we live in Georgia!

      Here on the square in Carrollton...
      She is becoming more fearless about wandering...

      He made a friend and then they hit each other... and had fun :)

      Here washing the car with Daddy...

      Here feeding the ducks with Uncle Gaiya (Nathan)...

      Yeah, she's still just a tiny bit scared of him! :)

      And here at a "touch-a-truck" with Daddy...!