Friday, February 15, 2013

18 weeks!

We've made it to 18 weeks with this pregnancy!  We had a scare at about 8 weeks when I started bleeding and thought I had lost the baby, so I have been even more thankful for every week that goes by with a healthy baby!  I'm feeling much better and getting much bigger and just enjoying starting to feel those little movements that are so sweet and reassuring.
   We will get to see the baby again at our anatomy ultrasound in a couple of weeks and I'm very excited about that!  We're going to keep the gender a surprise this time, since we have a boy and girl and I still have all of Ethie and Lilah's clothes.  Plus it will just be fun to be surprised :)  Only 22+ weeks to go!!!

Happy Love Day

I love an excuse to show my family how much I love them!  And they definitely showed me how much they love me.  I am so blessed!

We put out little treats for the kiddos in the morning and they were happy.  
Made pink waffles with homemade strawberry jam and it was yummy. 
Took Lilah to her first Valentine exchange with little friends and she was so cute!
Had yummy lunch with James and Lilah at Ruby Tuesday (thank you, Mom and Dad Cook for the gift card)!
Helped Ethie make Valentines when he got home from school (for some reason, his class party is Friday).
Have a "super" Valentine's Day!

James came home early to make the most delicious Thai dinner for us!!!

I love it when James cooks because he goes all out and it is always divine!
 After we put the kiddos to bed, we exchanged presents (mostly chocolate :) and drank sparkling cider while watching "Forever Young."  Such a happy Valentine's day!!!