Monday, December 3, 2012


It's so nice to live close enough to family for holidays!  We drove down to Dallas for Thanksgiving and spent the weekend with James' brothers and family.  We stayed with Jeff and Brandi in their beautiful house and Lilah was in heaven with cousin Natalie!  We also got to see David and his girlfriend, Julie, for a little bit. Ethie was in Ohio, so we missed him, but he got to come home Sunday to see cousin Nathan before we headed back home.  We spent Thanksgiving eating lots of yummy food, playing lots of board games, taking walks, playing basketball, going to the Sea Life aquarium, and eating lots of yummy food!  It was just right :)
Such cute girls!

After Thanksgiving dinner naps (for one of them at least)
This doesn't show the score, but it was a 500.  I was very proud :)

Yay, big fish!

I love this!

Lilah was happy.  She just doesn't like posing :)