Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheesin it

Saturday we went to Target to get Ethie's 5-year-old pictures taken.  While we were there, we figured we'd get some of our little family done, pre-baby.  Especially since they were $3.99/sheet, no sitting fees.  Can't beat it.  The photographer was great with Ethan and he is such a poser!  He absolutely loves having his picture taken!  James commented that it appears he will obey anything when he is having his picture taken.  We've debated pulling out the camera at home in order to get his cooperation.  Anyway, we were pleased with his pictures and it was fun to get some preggo ones too.  Some of our favorites...

Love those sparkling eyes!

 This is so Ethan.

I can't wait to see what a cute big brother he will be! Lately he's been taking toys into the baby's room and telling me that she can have them because he's too big for them. Cutie-pie.

James thinks this heart one is cheesy, but I like it.  We love our baby!  He mentioned the other night how he is surprised that he already feels so attached to her.  I totally feel the same way, probably because she is attached to me :)

The next day after church, we were hanging out and I got out the camera to get a picture of Ethie with his hampster.  The stinkin thing won't stop biting him, but he still loves it.  Can't wait til we can get a dog!

So then he asked if he could take a picture, which he likes to do.  But this time he told us to sit on the couch and posed us exactly where he wanted us.  Then he said, "Make a silly face.  Now, look serious.  Now, look over there.  Now kiss."  Etc., etc.  I think he likes being on the other side of the camera as much as in front.  Here is our photo shoot, courtesy of Ethan... 


Ethan has always been a fish.  He LOVES the water, can't get enough of it.  We've been swimming about every day for the last week, but I haven't gotten any pics yet because I've been too busy enjoying the water myself.  Swimming is an amazing way to lighten a pregnancy load, I must say.  Yesterday James and I took Ethie down to the pool after dinner and tried no floaties for the first time!  Ethan was thrilled that he could actually go under the water, which made me just a little bit nervous.  But he managed to catch on to the doggy-paddle, back-float, and breaststroke within about an hour.  That kid is fearless. 

Here he is in the bathtub, demonstrating his love of keeping his head under the water for as long as possible, while we count.  Last night I got to 50.  Should I be worried?

And I just had to add these ones of my funny boys... doesn't James look so handsome in his nerd glasses and soap beard? :)

Ha ha healthy...

So this morning I woke up wanting to make something with the rest of the giant zucchini soon to go bad in my fridge.  We were going to visit a friend, so I thought I'd make zucchini-chocolate-chip cookies.  Halfway through mixing them up, I realized I had just a tiny bit of white flour left, but I didn't want to waste what I'd already done, so I used mostly whole wheat flour.  Needless to say, they turned out a bit... hefty.  I could barely eat one.  They smelled yummy though, so Ethie came in to check it out.  He asked what I was making, I told him cookies, and he proceeded to eat... 5 or 6 of them.  Whole-wheat zucchini cookies!  I love it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Babymooners

Top 5 reasons we went to Savannah, GA last weekend:

1.  We spent our honeymoon in Savannah almost a year ago! 
2.  Baby girl is due in 6 weeks and we wanted a romantic getaway just the two of us.
3.  Ethie was still in Ohio until tomorrow, so this was our last chance to go.
4.  James had Monday off for Independence Day, and they were having fireworks on the beach.
5.  We love Savannah!  It is beautiful on the river and Tybee Island is full of fun.   

I can't believe it will be a year that we've been married!  We've been so busy that it has flown by!  We decided to go to Savannah for our honeymoon because it's fairly close (4 hours) and beautiful.  Plus Tybee Island is close by with a pretty beach and lots of yummy ice cream. 

Here is us on the river a year ago!  The boats are so pretty at night and the seafood is DELICIOUS! 

And here we are looking hot and in loove on the beach last year.

So this year we went to Tybee for fireworks on the beach Friday night

and then played in the water the next day.  Well, one of us played and the other one relaxed :)  James had fun in the waves and I had fun watching him!  (Note: The very white legs soon became bright red legs.  Owww!) 

I can't believe I was in a swimsuit on the beach at 34 weeks pregnant, but it was so worth it!  James even dug me a hole for my belly and I got to lie on my stomach for the first time in many months :)

What a cute husband!!!

That night we went back to Savannah to share a seafood platter at Huey's, our favorite!  And we got to see more fireworks... 

They were beautiful over the river! 

So happy to be back in Savannah one year later, still completely in love :)

And with our little love child on the way :)

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, sweetheart!