Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our town

I love exploring our new town and finding fun things to do.  It is always my quest to try something new on Saturday and today we hit a jackpot!  I read that the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa was having a free family fun day today, so I took the kids.  I was a little worried that they would be bored or too loud since it was at an art museum but oh my goodness, it was so amazing!  

First of all, we drove through the most beautiful historic neighborhood in Tulsa with the prettiest autumn trees I have seen here to get to the museum, which was in the middle of all the big beautiful houses.  I felt like I was on a movie set.  Then we walked in and there were lots of kids and so many activities for them, but right in the middle of this big, lovely art museum!  We went on a guided puppet storytime around the art, made tissue paper paintings and turkeys, got free art kits to take home, watched a movie about children's art, and got to see some of the beautiful paintings. 

The best part was the scavenger hunt around the most lovely, sprawling gardens.  Ethie had a blast finding each of the sculptures or architectural landmarks and making crayon rubbings of the small stone replicas they had placed beside them.  We spent about 2 hours exploring the beautiful gardens, while the kiddos were so entertained looking for landmarks, and I got to just enjoy the perfect weather, cute company, and gorgeous surroundings!

Doing his rubbings

Haha... Ethie was being the "thinker" and this is Lilah's new picture smile

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Well, now that it's November (can't believe it's here!), I guess I should update with our Halloween pictures.  The kids were so cute and had so much fun, so I must share!

First, we had the church Truck-or-Treat.  James and I were pretty much the only adults who dressed up, but what better way to make an impression in a new place?  Lilah was a witch, because I got the costume on clearance last year. She is such a cute little witch!  Ethie wanted to be something scary and violent, so we settled on a shredded corpse, which was only scary.  They had fun with all the other cute kids! 

We finally got around to carving our pumpkin the night before Halloween.  They were all out of little pumpkins at the store, so we all collaborated on one, with James being the master carver.
Eww, guts.  (Please excuse the laundry day in the background)

I think James is trying to look like the pumpkin.
   And then finally, Halloween night!  We went to a new friends' house for a chili cook-off and trick-or-treating.  The kids had lots of fun with all the other kids and it was nice to get to know people better.  Plus, the kids got lots of candy, which is the most important part!  Lilah was pretty shy about trick-or-treating at first, but she got braver once she realized they were giving her candy.
This was the closest Lilah would get to the other kids.  Our shy girl!

This man was giving out full-size candy bars.

Cute and scary!