Thursday, September 27, 2012


I couldn't have asked for better friends in Carrollton.  Even though it wasn't the most ideal situation and I would have liked to see James a lot more, I feel incredibly blessed that I had that time with my family and wonderful friends.  I knew lots of friends from when I lived in Carrollton before we were married, so I started a weekly playgroup when I moved back this year.  We had tons of playdates at my mom's house, at the park, at the mall, at friend's houses, and many baby showers and girls nights out.  I love these wonderful women and their sweet kiddos (we had most of their kids in nursery, so I got to love them lots)!

When they found out we were moving, they planned a last girls night before we left.  I had no idea that my sweet friend, Shy, had asked everyone to write letters to me in a book and had them all go around and tell stories and memories.  It was so overwhelming and loving and I just sat and cried and couldn't even say anything!  I totally think everyone needs a night of love and praise cause it feels awesome :)  It did make it that much harder to think about leaving them all, but I just feel blessed to have had such wonderful friends in my life!
My awesome friend, Jen, playing charades

Sweet Shy!

Brit Mount (she let me wear her wedding dress!)

(me, Brit Denney, Becca, Shy, Jen, Amber, Brit Mount, and Tabitha and babies)

I love these women!

Last days in Georgia...

I didn't get to blog much right before we left Georgia because we were so busy packing and getting ready.  And also busy doing lots of fun things with our dear friends before we left!  

We did the Children's Museum in Atlanta with my sweet friend Jen O'Gwin and her cute kids, Liam and Pippa...

This was Lilah's favorite part.  She used up 3 pallets of paint.
Lilah (haha!) and Liam

Fun slide at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta

We went to a concert in the park with our good friends, Ashley and Brandon Johnson (whom James lived with half the time) and their baby Ariya.  We didn't get any pictures of them, but we did get some at the splashpad before the concert...

We went to Art in the Park in Marietta with Mom, Scotty, and Jackie (his nice girlfriend)...

Best face painting ever!

Yummy Marietta Pizza Co. (Wish Mom was in the picture!)
And we had one last dessertfest (fondue and funnel cake sundaes) with our best friends in Georgia, Amber and Zach and their family...  

My best friend, Amber.  I love her!
We also had a nice last dinner with Dad and Jeanette before we left.  It's been so good to be close to so many people we love and we miss them all so much!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lilah's First Solo Prayer

Last Friday night we were gathered for family prayer and we asked Lilah if she'd say the prayer.  Usually someone helps her, so we asked, "Mommy help you?" "No." "Ethie help?" "No." "Daddy?" "No." "Gonna do it  by yourself?" "Yep." So for the first time she said a prayer all by herself.  I couldn't understand all of it, but I'm pretty sure I heard: "food," "Jesus," and "twinkle star... 'w I wonder what you are." Towards the end I think she was just making noises while we all tried to keep ourselves from laughing.  We're so proud of our little girl.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We are in OKLAHOMA!!!

So, life has been a little bit crazy and exciting!  James interviewed for a job on August 14, was offered the job the next day, and we moved to Oklahoma on September 7!  It was all a whirlwind, but we are SO thankful for this job and the opportunity for our family to be together and have a new adventure.  He works at CymSTAR in Broken Arrow, OK, a company that designs and modifies flight simulators.  He is able to use his aerospace engineering experience and really likes his fellow employees and the work environment.  We really like Broken Arrow so far, especially our cute little townhouse and neighborhood.  Ethie is in heaven with all the kids around to play with!  I will post pictures on here once we get everything unpacked!  

Sometimes I can't believe we're actually here!  James drove the 26 foot U-haul with Ethie, pulling our car behind it, while I drove the other car with Lilah.  It's a 12-hour drive, but turned into a 17-hour drive with stops for food and gas and bathroom.  At one point, we were driving in the dark in the pouring rain and we had to pull over because I couldn't see the road!  I am still so thankful that we made it here in one piece!!!

I can't figure out how to shrink this video, but here is a little glimpse of our kids.  They are so fun lately and love playing together, except when they're teasing each other :)  I will put more pictures up soon!

Lots of love!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lilah's a doll

On Lilah's actual birthday, I invited some of her little friends over for a Baby Doll party.  Her baby dolls are her favorite things, so I had all the kids bring their own baby dolls and they were all so cute!  I had stations set up for bathing, diapering, feeding, rocking, and taking pictures.  And Ethie was the doctor who checked and weighed the babies :)  It was really fun and pretty easy, since they all just played!  I think Lilah was happy, which is the point!
Lots of kids and moms and baby dolls!

My friend Julie from high school!

I love this face!
Opening presents.  She had to stop and play with each one, of course!

So happy!  I love birthdays, even if it means our Lilah is one year older!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our Lilah is 2!!!

I was pretty sad to think about Lilah turning 2.  I love every second with her and I'm sad to see time passing.  She is not a baby anymore!  But every day with her is more and more fun because she can do so much!  I just love her little sweet personality.

Favorite things about Lilah at 2:  
  • She still loves her babies.  This includes various stuffed animals and dolls.  She is so tender with them.
  • She loves "Twinkle, Twinkle," "ABC song," and "Sunbeam."  She loves all songs, but we sing those 3 a lot.
  • She talks so much!  When she's not being shy, she's got a running commentary on everything.  "Where's Ethie?  Where'd he go?  Hmmm...  There he is!  Mommy, I jump?  Yiyah jumping high!  Oh, a baby!  Cute.  Ohhh.  Mommy, a snack?  You're awfum.  No, you're cute!"
  • She is such a watcher.  She likes to take in everything and observe other kids before she is comfortable joining in.  She is pretty shy when people talk to her, but she will let people in when she's ready.
  • She loves to get dressed.  I have to allow 30 extra minutes in the morning and at night for her to dress herself.  And change shoes a couple of times.  And outfits.  And accessories.  
  • She is so independent.  She gets pretty frustrated if she can't do it all herself, but she is persistent!  She usually says, "I did it!" after struggling for a while.
  • She loves to share and help others.  In nursery, she will bring the other kids a baby or book if they are sad.  She asks us "You okay?" if we get hurt.  She also loves to give hugs and kisses.  Sweet girl.
We celebrated her birthday before Nate left with the family.  It was such a nice evening to enjoy our sweet little 2-year-old!

So nice to be with family!
I think she blew it out about 5 times!

I love her little face!

Love this little girl so much!!!  Happy birthday, Lilah!


Stone Mountain

We were sad to leave friends and family in Idaho and Utah, but Nathan flew back with us, so that was more fun!  He was in Georgia for about a week, so we spent a day at Stone Mountain for something different to do.  Fun day together!
Ethie was in heaven with his uncles, of course

So many trees in Georgia!

Ethie and James made it to the top!

So cute, Mom :)