Thursday, November 28, 2013

Feeling thanks

Wow, having 3 kids has changed things.  I feel like they are each wanting/needing something different at the same time, at all times!  How do people do it?  And with more kids??  We are happy and well, just busy and tired (well, the parents are tired, not the kids.)  We miss our family and friends that are far away from us.  And I miss keeping in touch with all of you, so this is my attempt to catch up a little bit so I can stay in touch better.  Plus, Nate asked for pictures of Thanksgiving of 2013, so here they are!

Since this was our first Thanksgiving in our new house, people were kind enough to come to us.  It was so fun to be able to host my family (most of them... we missed Dad and Jeanette)!  As I get older and see my siblings less, I appreciate and love them even more.  They are all such good, remarkable people and it makes me so happy to be around them.  Plus, Mar's husband Dave is wonderful, and he and James make it perfect!  
Sharing their love for books


This is what I'm talking about.  Love these people.

Haha, and this!

Sweetness.  I have an abundance of Juliet-with-people pictures.

I feel like I was super lucky that Mom was able to visit 3 times after Juliet was born and I definitely appreciated all of her help and love and yummy food at Thanksgiving-time.  I love her!
Making pies!

Singing together.  Melt my heart.

Uncle Dave and Aunt Pat were able to join us from Okla City for Thanksgiving dinner!  It was such a gift to have them with us, especially since the last time we were with them was in the NICU when Juliet was born.
Sweet Uncle Pete

Plates almost empty, happy crowd

I think Mar got it??

We also got to go look at some early Christmas lights and these pictures are my favorite...
Scotty's eyes.




This year especially, we recognized that there was a lot to be thankful for.  We had a thankful tree in our hallway, that we could add to whenever we wanted.   It is full.

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